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Stories of space travel and life on other planets have always captured my imagination. My favorite TV shows as a child were Lost In Space, My Favorite Martian, and The Twilight Zone. I am a devout “trekkie” and Star Wars fanatic.

Contrary to most of my classmates, I lived for book reports and writing assignments. My short stories usually involved science fiction. Ms. Whelan, my 9th grade English teacher, said she was sure she’d see my work published one day. During that time I penned two full-length novels written in spiral notebooks. I guess those stories reflected my coming of age as they focused on teen-aged adventures. My classmates patiently waited their turn to read the novels.

I never forgot what Ms. Whelan said, and I always dreamt of being a writer, but life took me down a different path. I moved to Puerto Rico after graduating from high school and needed to learn to become proficient in Spanish. I did the practical thing and graduated with a degree in Business and Accounting. Later my job took me to South Florida where I met my husband. Juggling a demanding job in a global corporation, marriage, and caring for two children, life got too busy for me to let my imagination soar.

Eventually, I made a decision to stay at home when my boys were entering their teenage years.

Even with more free time available, it took a while before I had the courage to bring to life the characters in my mind. I believe no matter what genre, it is inevitable that an author’s secret demons, passions, anger, pain, hopes, and fears find a way to slip into their work. Being a reserved introvert, that scared the heck out of me.

I chose a romantic space opera series as my first project because I’m fascinated with the possibility of what is out there in unexplored space. I think also subconsciously, I looked to write about something as fantastic and far away from my reality as possible. After reading my first draft, I realized I was no exception to the rule. There was something therapeutic and cathartic hidden between the lines.

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