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The Curse of Sotkari Ta series


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The Curse of Sotkari Ta series.

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The Curse Of Sotkari Ta
Book One


Stolen from Earth…only to learn she’s not entirely human.

   Mina, a wife and mother, is snatched from her family and forced to serve the ruthless Lostai on a distant science station. The DNA of an evolved race known as Sotkari Ta lies dormant in her genes. The Lostai, determined to harness her latent telekinetic and telepathic abilities, push Mina through a brutal boot camp. Despite the hardships and abuse, Mina completes her training and is assigned her first mission, one that goes against her most basic principles. A mission she will not accept.

   If Mina is to escape the Lostai, she must trust an arrogant and unpleasant soldier whose morals seem questionable, at best. The strong attraction between them both annoys and unnerves her.                                                           

   Even if she gets away, she will need to survive in this alien environment while evading the Lostai. Will she ever make it back to Earth, or have her actions already changed her destiny and the fate of those who assist her?

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Broken Bonds
The Curse Of Sotkari Ta 
Book Two


She's fighting a war for her freedom, her family, and her heart.

  As a mother ripped from her family on Earth, Mina has suffered unimaginable loss. Now, she looks to a more hopeful future with her alien husband, Montor, and their child. 

  But solace is short for these rebels in love. 

  Mina, Montor, and their friends must help unify insurgent factions against the Lostai Empire. As the sector plunges into war, the ruthless Lostai commander who once held Mina captive grows obsessed with recapturing her and hunting down the child carrying her Sotkari Ta genes. Evading capture comes at a cost—one that might tear Mina’s new family apart.

  Then a newly discovered transportal, a device that allows quick and safe travel across galaxies, forces Mina to face impossible choices. Will she return to Earth or move forward with her new life? Whichever path she takes, she risks losing people she loves…if she survives to make a choice at all.

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     Montor, the leading male in the romantic space opera series, The Curse of Sotkari Ta, is an unlikely poet. His soul-crushing life as a soldier for the detestable Lostai forced him to put down the pen long ago.

     Now, inspired by love, he has returned to this secret passion. This book compiles some of his poems to reveal the various layers of his personality and his profound feelings for the woman who has stolen his heart.